Ajo Blanco (White Garlic)

Ajo Blanco (White Garlic)


200 gr. of almonds. 200 gr. of bread. 2 pieces of garlic. 1 glass of olive oil. Vinegar. 1 l. of cold water. Salt. ¼ kg. of grapes. 2 slices of melon or 1 apple.


Boil some water and add the almonds to make it easier to peel them off. Keep them apart. Dip the bread into water. Smash the salt with the garlic, add the almonds and smash them too. Then add the bread, and stir it up. When everything is well mixed, add the olive oil slowly, until the oil gets mixed with the rest of the ingredients. Then add the vinegar, until you have a thick mixture, similar to mayonnaise. Finally, add the water until you get the desired consistency, and keep it into the fridge until you serve it.

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