Deer steak with wild fruits

Deer steak with wild fruits


2 kg deer (loin). 1 kg carrot. 1 kg onion. 3 branches celery. Thyme. Bay leaves. Parsley. 1 whole garlic. 6 l. Red wine. 1 l. Broth. Whole black pepper. 4 plums. 1 kg quince. 1 dl sherry vinegar. 1 pomegranate. Sugar. 1 dl herb-liqueur. 4 branches fennel. 100 gr. Parsley.


Cut the bones of the deer and put them in the oven. Add the red wine, the carrots, onion celery, garlic, pepper, and a bouquet garni. Marinate for 48 hours the loins with olive oil, rosemary, quince, parsley and thyme. Separate the vegetables, the wine and the bones. Cook al least for 6 hours. Separate the juice and add the broth. Reduce to your taste and add a little vinegar. Peel the quince, cut into squares and preserve it in water. Cook these in the oven with a little butter and vinegar. When they are cooked, mash and add cream. Cook in a water-bath. Fry the currants and the pomegranate seeds with sugar. Wet with the vinegar and triturate. Strain. Cook the herb-liqueur to evaporate the alcohol. Triturate the fennel branches, the parsley and the liqueur. Strain in a fine strainer. Finally fry the plums with a little butter and sugar.

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