La Andaluza Group 

La Andaluza is a catering franchise from Spain which sells the best Spanish recipes in portions & tapas formats. It is the second restaurants brand of El Grupo La Andaluza, a business group from Seville with more than 15 years of experience in the catering franchise business.
Since 2013 they have been working with the brand La Andaluza LC in Spain. This is one of the more successful catering franchises in the country.
Since 2015 El Grupo La Andaluza has been working with a second brand of catering franchise: La Andaluza in Spain and abroad.

La Andaluza Group is present in 31 provinces in Spain and has a Master Franchise in Portugal

The gastronomy from Spain is one of the most popular worldwide. Our recipes contain the best flavours and textures of the best Spanish cuisine (stews, paella, cold cuts…). Our clients taste the best of Spanish gastronomy!

We are a different Franchise … We can adapt the business to your needs

We can adapt to each franchisee the menu, offers and restaurant design. We want each place to be as successful as possible. This is our vision in Spain and abroad.

Do you want to set up a Spanish tapas restaurant with our help? Do not hesitate and become La Andaluza franchisee! We know what works… No faults, no mistakes!

The best product in the format par excellence: The Spanish tapas

The Spanish gastronomy is attractive in Spain and abroad! Our recipes contemplate the flavors of the most traditional cuisine, with more elaborate and modern options.

We also offer Kobe beef (Wagyu) and authentic fried Andalusian fish, brought directly from the Bay of Cadiz.

Start working today with La Andaluza, invest in a safety business!

It is not necessary you to have experience in the catering business, we can help you, form you and advise you too in everything you need.

If you already have a premise, of whatever type (bar, cafeteria, shoe store …) and does not leave you profit margin … We can redesign it into a La Andaluza tapas bar!

International Business Models

We can redesign premises without smoke exit! We either have limits in opening tapas bar or restaurants in small premises! Every business model will have a complete menu

Master Franchise

A Master Franchise are the headquarters in the destionation country.

Become a Master Franchisee and invest in a business with an exponential growth.

Each Master Franchise will develop its own La Andaluza franchise network in the destination country with the supervision and help of the Spanish HQ.

It will have exclusivity over its market area, expanding its own franchise network and offering its own business model following simple requirements related  to La Andaluza.

  • We will design a website and an exclusive ecomerceplatform for each Master Franchise and its franchisees.
  • We will teach you how to prepare our food, restaurant management, comercial…
  • We have an exclusive design manual for our restaurtants. Your clients will travel to a real Spanish tapas restaurant anywhere!
  • We will adapt the business to each market in relation to the menu, the prices and the offers.
  • Trust a team with lots of experience.We will give you support and assistance from the Spanish HQ. We want you to have the best Spanish restaurant!


Single Restaurants

Now you can open a restaurant in any European country without a Master Franchise in the destination country!

You can offer  authentic Spanish tapas with the best flavour and authenticity. Join our catering franchise!

From 15.000€ in Europe or from 20.000€ wordldwide we will help you transform your comercial premises into a real Spanish Tapas Bar, with the best prepared Spanish food. With no trial and error involved, with no mistakes.

We have several business models:  We can redesign working restaurants into our brand. We can redesign ANY premises with NO SMOKE VENTS into a tapas bar! We can open a Spanish tapas bar in small premises, corners (both brands will work the same place!), hotel bars, etc.… Ask for more information today!

  • We will study your menu.We want you to have the best food and offers for your customers!
  • We will negotiate with the local suppliersto get the best prices and benefits margins for you!
  • We will give you access to an exclusive ecommmerce platform where you wil buy the best Spanish products.
  • We will teach you how to cook our dishes and how to manage the restaurant.


La Andaluza Restaurants

We have opened more than 90 restaurants all over Spain with our two catering franchise brands (La Andaluza and La Andaluza LC).In 2015 we opened our first Master Franchise in Portugal. Here we link you La Andaluza’s restaurants web pages.

Click in each city and check out our virtual maps!

La Andaluza restaurants in Spain

La Coruña    ·    Albacete    ·    Alicante    ·    Almería    ·    Badajoz    ·    Baleares    ·    Barcelona    ·    Cáceres    ·    Cádiz    ·    Cantabria    ·    Castellón    ·    Córdoba    ·    Granada    ·    Huelva    ·    Las Palmas    ·    Madrid    ·    Málaga    ·    Melilla    ·    Tenerife    ·    Sevilla    ·    Toledo    ·     Valencia

La Andaluza restaurants in Portugal

Oporto (Portugal)



Spanish Tapas

You can find several options of starters, vegetables, meats, iberian cold cuts, kobe beef and the authentic spanish fried fish… In La Andaluza restaurants you can savour the gastronomy culture from the best mediterranean cuisine!

Find out here some spanish and portions tapas that we serve!

Scrambled and fried eggs
Kobe beef (Wagyu)
Small sandwiches
Fried Fish


Ask for more information today!

If you want to start a business with us by opening your own tapas bar, do not hesitate and contact us!

Our sales team will assist you within 24 business hours.

Email: international@laandaluza.com

Phone: 637 045 469

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