Franchise Business

Franchise Business

The franchise La Andaluza is based on three main pillars:

Tapas cuisine and Wines.
Distintive image.
Efficient management from the franchise Head Office.
Franchise Business

1. Tapas cuisine and wines.

Bodega La Andaluza stands out for its food and wines at an affordable price. We prepare our dishes using first quality raw materials, with old time’s recipes from the traditional Andalusian cuisine. Typical Andalusian food that has come to our days and counts with a great culinary recognition all over the world because of its quality, diversity and flavour


Franchise Business

But what is really exceptional about Andalusian cuisine is not only its recipes or products, but its presentation and how you can taste them whether in small portions, called Tapas, or in greater dishes, called “dishes to share”. This way of cooking, typical of this region of southern Spain, has become a gastronomic tradition more and more extended in the country. And thanks to the variety of dishes offered, meals elaborated from the most sophisticated cooked dishes to the simplest light Tapas, we can keep a balanced diet. This way of eating is less monotonous, more pleasant and healthy and, at the same time, it promotes social relations. This way of eating is the result of the cheerful and outgoing character of Andalusians.


2. Distintive image

Bodega La Andaluza has a clear differential image inspired in the old taverns, with traditional decorative elements of the nineteenth century cellars, keeping the spirit of those places, based on popular culture. Our goal is to keep the decoration of these places, to create an ambient faithful to our culture, without stridencies, but with art, elegance and natural.

3. Efficient management from the franchise Head Office.

We share with our franchisees our experience and know-how in restaurant management. We offer you all the advantages of having a strong Head Office behind to advice you in everything related to the business, from the first moment, when you decide to invest, to the constant support in the day by day restaurant management, always applying the latest technologies.