Franchise Restaurants Head Office

Franchise Restaurants Head Office

The franchise Head Office, the pilot centre and the restaurant where the practical formation is given are located in Seville.

marketingOur business is composed by the following departments:
Marketing Department.

A multi-disciplinary department formed by a professional staff who will make easier the premises decoration job and will give you support in the promotional actions of your establishment with a wide experience in opening campaigns design, with efficient communication actions to make your restaurant known and attract clients from the beginning. We provide you with continuous assessment in advertising and promotions, specially designed for each franchisee.

Franchise Restaurants Head Office
Development Department .

Our staff will solve all your initial uncertainties and doubts; this department is in charge of selecting the entrepreneurs who really want to grow in this franchise.

Franchisee Service Department .

The franchisees will be in permanent touch with this department, and it will solve all doubts you have, assessing and atencion-franquiciadocoordinating everything to start the business, in permanent contact with the franchisee to set up everything. We welcome you in our Head Office, we inform and form you until the opening and we follow up the business to assure the profitability.

Franchise Restaurants Head Office
Formation and Data Processing Department .

The franchisee receives in our headquarters a clear, exhaustive and practical formation using the latest technologies to dominate the management of the business, no previous experience needed. In our pilot centre your staff will be able to practice before you open your restaurant, assuring this way an efficient reliability from the business.

comprasFranchise Restaurants Head Office
Head Purchase Department

Our franchisees take advantages of commercial agreements they would not have in an independent way because we make a whole purchase for all the restaurants, achieving advantageous agreements and prices. We make your job easier, you will know the exact day the products arrive to your business, what makes possible to reduce the stock and obtain greatest benefits.

Franchise Restaurants Head Office
Financial Department .

Its goal is to help you to achieve economic viability for your project, making studies and analysis to improve your business, avoiding deviations and achieving the programmed benefits.