Franchise Restaurants offer

Franchise Restaurants offer

1. La Andaluza is a product with a great concern image and clearly different in the market, evoking a typical ambient to attract all kind of public.

2. A low risk business because it is a proved profitable product with premises opened for more than a decade.


Franchise Restaurants offer

3. Financial facilities thanks to the agreements reached by the Head Office with other companies.

4. We offer all our franchisees a master model, with plans and quality guide, for the correct application of the corporative image. Also, if you want we can advice you to find a site with suitable placements to set up the restaurant.

5. We advice you in the premises search to set up your business.

6. The possibility to start a business with no previous experience. We offer you all our know-how in restaurant management through formation courses in our pilot centre in Seville (theory and practise), with support in the restaurant during the first days. Continuous formation and information to manage the business. The Head Office will look after your profitability all the time.


7. An exclusive area will be agreed.

8. Our chef’s team elaborates the recipes and make easier the preparation and presentation of our dishes. This makes it easier for a person with no gastronomic experience to repeat those dishes in each one of our franchises, achieving the same flavours that were developed at the beginning.

9. Cost reduction in purchases from suppliers thanks to the scale economies obtained for buying through the Head Office.

10. We make easier for you the control of stocks and orders, making it a systematic process to guarantee the reliability in the supply.

Franchise Restaurants offer

11. Latest technologies for the restaurant management. Computing management software for restaurant franchises. TPV (computing terminal in the point of sale that manage all the business) with PDA, really simple and efficient for waiters. The person in charge will be able to connect by Internet from anywhere and will have the possibility of controlling the business through the camera circuit.

12. We count on the support and commercial agreements of the suppliers of restaurant equipments, an important contribution as it is one of the biggest investment.