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International business model La Andaluza Group

La Andaluza Group started as a company in 2013 led by a management team with more than ten years of experience in catering business.


Two successful franchisees have been developed in such a short period of time. La Andaluza and La Andaluza Low Cost have restaurants in 31 provinces in Spain and have started their international growth with their Master Franchisees in Portugal, United Kingdom and Ireland.


La Andaluza Group provides well thought-out and quality andalusian food as well as a good price. Customers will find a long sort of dishes and tapas in the best price, while the franchisee works in an easy business model with a long profit margin.

La Andaluza wish to share the best andalusian flavour out of Spain

Spanish cuisine is recognised and valued throughout the world.

La Andaluza offers an exquisite menu elaborated carefully to offer delicious dishes at a great value. We not only take care of the menu, presentation is also carefully treated. Costumer can find this was gourmet quality at a very affordable price.

Thanks to these, the word of mouth works in our chain of pubs and restaurants. La Andaluza have a hight rate of costumer loyalty.


Please, find out more details about the menu in this link.

This, no doubt, is a successful business!

Master Franchisee Business Model

In 2015 our international expansion started with the purpose of offering our secure, attractive and successful
business model out of Spain.


Each master franchisee will develop, under the La Andaluza’s HQ support, its own master franchisee area. It’s possible to manage the area exclusively, so the master franchisee would  be allowed to open or resell as many franchisees as desired within the master franchisee area, following some basic requests according to the brand.

La Andaluza is chameleonic in Spain and it is what we want to export. The business plan that we suggest is the same as in Spain. An important consideration, La Andaluza can adapt to the requirements in every country or area (Price and constitution of the tapas and dishes, promotions, dealers, product lines, etc.). Each situation will be studied independently in order to get the best deal.

In 2015 we opened our first Master Franchisee in Oporto (Portugal) and in 2016 we have signed Master Franchisees in United Kingdom and Ireland.

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We will work for you !

We are going to help you to get a successful business.

Due to our experience (we have opened a big amount of restaurants), we can solve all the difficulties  you would find.

If you want to have a profitable business just tell us and we will organize everything so you can start in a short period of time.

  • We look for dealers and suppliers.
  • Due to the number of restaurants in the group, we will get the best price and good terms so you will be earning from the first day.
  • We can create a good atmosphere in the restaurants because we have studied a lot of different restaurants in different cities. Now we know what it works!
  • We can help you to get a beautiful and comfortable restaurant. If remodelling the restaurant is necessary we can show you how to expend less money in it with the best result.
  • To create the best environment is easy with our help. And this is an important point to take care.
  • From the first day you will have the best selection of dishes in your menu. No tests, No mistakes!
  • You will feature the positioning of the group. Matters that would make you to lose a lot of money and  time, everything is done… You just have to take it!

You can export the andalusian flavour wherever you want…

Are you an entrepreneur? We are looking for you!

We want to expand worldwide and seek entrepreneurs who want to take our brand La Andaluza beyond our borders.


Enjoy our business. We are successful in Spain. We have restaurants in 31 provinces.

If you want to open your own business in a foreign country we give you the opportunity to belong to our family wherever you prefer!

Become a master franchisee



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