Restaurants Premises

Restaurants premises

los-locales-02In Bodega La Andaluza we pay attention to every single detail, from the location of each restaurant to the last decorative element, to create a warm and nice atmosphere for the client.

Warm and natural shades where the colour of the typical Arabian-sevillian tiles stand out, with their geometric figures.

Andalusia, city full of culture, is represented by the distinctive elements like the doors and windows bars, with typical Andalusian style, the ceiling, with curved vault and wooden beams and the marble of the bar.
The tradition is present in the wine furniture, typical from the old wine cellars from the nineteenth century.

Actually, our neat decoration could be a tourist information point because the pictures on the walls commemorate the main festivals and other typical Spanish events.

We have recovered details from art and cultures from different centuries to show an authentic Andalusia, not stereotyped.

This traditional image without topics is what make us different from others, and it is also a big attractive for foreigners because they identify our establishment with Spain, an interesting place to visit.


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