Spanish Restaurants questions

Spanish Restaurants questions

1. To which kind of public should I appeal?

To everybody. We can attract people from all classes and with buying capacity, because our prices are attractive to everybody and thanks to no restrictions in our working hours we are available to everybody. Furthermore our atmosphere is very agreeable and welcoming for anyone. In our inaugurations people often comment that the rooms do not look new, because they transfer a feeling of familiarity.

2. Does this business require a strong dedication on my part?

The franchise Head Office of Bodega La Andaluza facilitates the day-to day management of your business. You can count on the total support from this central right from the beginning, and we give you advice on all aspects of the business and we resolve all the doubts that may arise.

3. Where is the best placement?

We recommend a place with a lot of movements of people, because it is a place that permits a big rotation of persons at any time. For breakfast, for those who want a Tapa or an aperitif, luncheon and those who want coffee or a drink in the afternoon, and for diners. It is however necessary to study each case on its own merits, because there may exist places with limited transit, but interesting by reason of little competition. In all cases you present your proposal, and our experts undertake the analysis of it and evaluate its possibilities.

4. If the restaurants offer the maximum quality for economical prices: where do the profits arise?

In first place, the prices of the products are low, thanks to the fact that the purchases are done jointly from the franchise Head Office, taking advantage of discounts. The franchisee benefits from being part of a group where each one is participant in the general progresses. A bigger number of franchisees, major discounts.

5. How can the authentic taste of the Andalusian kitchen be transferred?

In first place, using first class products. Secondly, by means of an innovative procedure implanted by the Head Office, which permits the management of the kitchen with great facilities. A group of specialized cooks create the recipes and simplify the preparation and presentation in such a way that any person without specific knowledge of gastronomy can reproduce a plate exactly as its original and thereby guaranteeing the quality. Independent of the place of consumption, it will be equally good.

6. Do my personnel receive any sort of training?

Do not worry because in this aspect you can count on our pilot centre, where the necessary training is given for the project manager as well as the employees, and where they can practice in an authentic atmosphere. The new technologies should not be of any worry because the TPV and systematic information system are very simple units, easy to manage and of great help in the daily labours. Our mission is to facilitate your work.

7. I have a restaurant and a restricted budget to make reforms. What is my benefit transforming it into Bodega La Andaluza?

There are many benefits, but as you are most worried with the budget, we focus on this subject. Our financial department assists at all moments to develop the economic viability of the project, right from the initial investment as well as accounting (results, amortizations, benefits etc…). Our work is directed towards your benefit.

We offer economic facilities (mostly through leasing), and furthermore support commercial arrangements with companies producing equipment of use in our business, this being of great advantage as it deals with the most important part of the initial investment.

Apart, there are also benefits from the discounts in the primary products through the buying central.

8. Who takes care of the decoration and the atmosphere of the local?

Our Marketing Department takes care of everything related to the decoration and the atmosphere of the local. In Bodega La Andaluza we control until the minimum detail each decorative element in order to generate a comfortable and agreeable surrounding.

Our local, inspired in the wine shops of the years 1900 and the traditional bars shows the variety and the riches reflected in the decorative pictures.

9. How do we know each other? Who is doing the advertising?

Our marketing group, composed by professionals experienced in this subject, assists in the promotion plans of the establishment. They are very experienced in openings campaigns and actions of efficient communication to promote the restaurant. You receive recommendations on special actions to be taken in the establishment further to benefit from joint actions. That means that you get the benefits of the Company’s image and advertising actions of our brand. Furthermore, we do not ask for advertising canon, because any promotional action is performed in agreement with the franchisee according to his needs and in collaboration with the Head Office.

10. Why should I select Bodega La Andaluza?

Because we are a company with an image clearly differentiated from the rest of the competitors in the market, which permit us to gain market shares in a solid and quick way.

We reduce the risks because our business concept secure success.

A business based on the quality of our products and a team of professionals advising at any moment.


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