Spanish Tapas Restaurants

Spanish Tapas Restaurants

The menu of La Andaluza is based in the quality of the raw materials and the elaboration of the dishes.

Spanish Tapas Restaurants

We have quality raw materials and products from different areas of Andalusia, products from our land with prestigious qualifications: tinned food, smoked food, Iberian meat, Iberian cured ham…

Our menu is based on typical Andalusian cuisine, influenced by the diverse civilizations who have been in the Iberian Peninsula: Romans brought to Spain the wine and the olives, Arabians left us not only the sophisticated way of building channels, but also food like citrus fruits, the almond, spices and sweets…


The fish and the seafood collected in the Mediterranean Sea or in the Atlantic Sea and the delicate products from the mountains like the meat, the ham, the cheese, which are part of the Andalusian cuisine. Not to forget the easy and delicious dishes based in pulses, vegetables, eggs, rice or potatoes. The art of this cuisine consist in the way of preparation and the different combinations between ingredients and spices; but the best dishes from the Andalusian cuisine and from the Spanish cuisine in general must use as a base the olive oil.

In our restaurants you will find a delicious and different alternative. You can taste different Tapas which take their name from being the “cover “of the glass of wine or beer, so the alcohol would not have a strong effect. With those dishes it is possible to taste a wide food combination. You can experience different cold or hot Tapas combination, adapted to the feel of the area, accompanied by the best wine selection: Sherries, red wine from Granada, white wine from Huelva or Cadiz.

There are two different ways of preparing the Andalusian food. One is based in the elaboration of the dishes from the sea products, and the other one is based in the popular Andalusian cuisine from the inland: pulses soups and cooked dishes. And, of course, the “gazpacho”, one of the most traditional and typical dish from Andalusia, easy to find anywhere in the region.


Andalusia, province by province

The Andalusian cuisine is characterized by the raw materials quality and the different ways of preparation and the variety of dishes the tourist can find in this area from southern Spain, because each province has their own delicious dishes.

In Almeria you can taste dishes like the typical soup (seafood soup), garlic soup, black soup, wheat stew or “gurullos”, a typical meal elaborated with wet crumbs and then fried with hard pork sausage and bacon. There are also other tasty dishes like the endive salad, the beans and the hunt cooked dishes.

The most typical dishes from Jaen have a common ingredient: the exceptional olive oil from this province. You can taste it in typical recipes like the “ajilimojili”, the spinaches, the varied and delicious vegetables and, of course, the “gazpacho”. There are also known the “poor style potatoes”, the fried beans and the “pipirrana”, a type of “salmorejo” with garlic, tomato, crumbs, green pepper, olive oil and salt.

In Cadiz, the typical soup called “berza”, the amazing fried fish, and of course, the excellent seafood from Sanlucar de Barrameda. Cadiz also has quality wines like the Sherry, Manzanilla and the white wines.
There is an Arabian important reminiscence in the typical food from Cordoba, easy to taste in dishes like the lamb in honey sauce, mixing sour and sweet flavours. There are also hunt dishes like the Cordoba stew, the young pigeon with olives, and of course, “salmorejo”, “ajo blanco” or “gazpacho”.

Malaga has famous fish and seafood dishes, like the sailor style rice, angler soup or filled tuna fish, and also the grilled shrimps and the fried fish. You can also taste delicious hunt dishes. But the most typical meal in this province is the original “ajoblanco”, a could soup elaborated with garlic, almonds and the best olive oil.

The typical meal from Huelva is the fish cooked dishes like the tuna fish with tomato sauce, the rice with clams or the ray with paprika. Noteworthy are the shrimps, the small lobster, the prawns and the “cañaillas”, a kind of marine snail. Of course, there are a lot of high quality Iberian products, like the Iberian cured ham.

In Granada’s cuisines, the most known dishes are the beans in the Granada style, Sacromonte omelette and the trout from Laujar, and the cured ham from Trevelez is really important.

In Seville, Tapas are really essential, but there are also other delicious meals like the bull’s tail, eggs in the flamenco style or the sirloin steak in whisky sauce.

In the April Fair, the most typical Tapas are the Spanish omelette, fried peppers, chickpea soup, “montaitos”, the spicy kebabs, vegetable soup, salads, the fish eggs, and the fried fish, cooked with olive oil.

Tapas are essential elements in any meeting, and always with a glass of wine or beer. Everywhere in Andalusia the art of Tapas is practised and each province, each city or town have added the best part of their own cuisine to have a varied list of Tapas. In the I+D+I department of our franchise Head Office our chefs are always thinking of new dishes, flavours and recipes easy to prepare.


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