Summer soup

Summer soup


350 gr. of green beans. 400 gr. of pumpkin. 33 gr. of chard. 200 gr. of carrots. 2 tomatoes. 1 big onion. 6 pieces of garlic. Black pepper. 150 gr. of chorizo. 1 bay leaf. ½ l. of olive oil. 1 spoon of paprika. Salt.


Clean and cut the carrots and the pumpkin. Slice the green beans in pieces, as well as the onion, the tomatoes and the garlic. Put the beans, the pumpkin, the chards, the carrots, the onion, the tomatoes, the garlic, the chorizo, the bay leaf, the pepper, the paprika and the salt into a pot. Add the oil and cover it. Cover all the ingredients with water. Cook it until the vegetables are tender. You can also add some small potatoes, if you want.

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