Wild rabbit in hunter style

Wild rabbit in hunter style

2 soup spoons pork fat. 4 big pieces rabbit (one per service). Salt. Pepper. Thyme. Bay. 60 gr. Butter. 4 escallonias. 250 gr. Mushrooms. 250 gr. White wine. 2 dl. Broth. 2 soup spoons tomato puree. Chopped parsley.


Heat the pork fat and when it starts fuming fry the rabbit, prepared with salt and pepper. Keep the liver apart. Season it with salt, pepper, thyme and bay. When the pieces are browned, drain the fat and add the butter and cook covered at low heat for 45 minutes, preferably in the oven. Remove now and then. Chop the escallonias finely and brown in butter. Add the sliced mushrooms. Fry at strong heat, add the white wine, and continue frying until nearly dry. Add the broth with a little salt and the tomato puree. Reduce until 2/3 the volume and check the savour. Add this preparation to the rabbit and cover with the mushrooms. Cook for 5 minutes at low heat. Add a pinch of chopped “perifollo” and tarragon. Mix carefully, and put on a serving plate. Distribute chopped parsley on top, and serve with pieces of bread rhombus shaped, fried in butter.

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